Monday, March 14, 2011

Beat Hazard

Prepare yourself for this seizure inducing time waster.
Like listening to music except better, more interactive.

If you've ever played audiosurf, this would be a game to compare it to. It's a game in which you take command of a small ship, with a few lives and enemies to defeat. There is also an asteroids aspect to the game, in addition to the enemies.

The object of the game is to survive, destroying all the obstables on your screen (enemies/asteroids)
There is also a couple sets of bosses (one is a giant ship with a few lazers and cannons and the other is twin ships half the size of the giant one with half the guns each) that appear throughout the game.

There are also 2 types of powerups you can pick up that increase the power of your lazer. The first amplifies the volume of the song, and the second gives your cannon more power. Upon reaching maximum powerup capacity for both types, you get to "Beat Hazard" mode, which increases your lazer power to enormous proportions.

The twist is that the game track is an audio file you select from your HDD (or one of the pre-loaded tracks, but that's not as fun) The power of your shots will change depending on the beat the song is playing. A loud/fast beat will give you powerfull lazers, whilst a weak/slow beat will leave you virtually defenseless.

videos of me playing a couple songs:

Complete with online scoreboards, ranks and a few different game modes, Beat Hazard is definetly a force to wreckon with. I remember not being able to do anything other then play the game for atleast a week after purchasing it.

Ranking up also gives you more unlockables (starting with more powerups on screen, the last unlockable is starting the song with "Beat Hazard" mode activated)

A Beat Hazard DLC called Beat Hazard Ultra is in the process of being made. With it will come online multiplayer support, different boss/enemy types, more powerups for a price that has yet to be announced. But for now, Beat Hazard supports local coop (on the same computer) provided you have an extra gamepad handy.


  1. As i insert crazy metal song with all blast beats, and nuke the screen with powerful lazers.

  2. I love this game, I through in some Pendulum with this game and I have a blast :P
    The Nostalgia Corner.

  3. So.. is the like an xbl arcade game?

  4. this game looks frigign hard....

  5. This game's pretty good, but it gives me a headache.

  6. cant wait for beat hazard ultra its gonna make things a lot efficient for all of us! sooo anxious, do you happen to know a date for this?

  7. @Mike I do not, I only know it will be sometime in 2011

  8. @Trelin, you can buy it on steam for $9.99

  9. nice, i'll check it out.

    nice blog, btw. following. :)

  10. It looks pretty awesome. How would you compare to audioSurf?. Bot in the fun category and also in the "music-following" category. I mean, does it really stick to the music?

  11. you should try blast factor or super stardust hd ; on playstation.

  12. I prefer it over audiosurf, but that's just me. If you want to try it, steam offers a game demo (I think it let's you play like 5 songs or something)