Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mercenaries 2

Great game, really enjoyable. Be it a hardcore game session or just a
few minutes of destroying everything in your path, mercenaries is
always a great way to spend my time gaming.

I got the game a couple weeks ago thanks to my friend lending it to
me. The controls took a little getting used to when I began playing,
but after a bit I got the hang of it. I really enjoyed the way you could
order tanks on the fly and destroy everything with it.

Only issue I've had with the game so far is that sometimes when I go
in certain areas (especially Caracas area) the graphics would mess up
and... well it's a little hard to explain what happens, so I'll show you
with a video:

Other than that, the game works fine. I (of course) sided with the
pirates as soon as I could complete missions for them. The only one I
had trouble with was the one where you would steal rum from UP and
drive it to a pirate area for delivery. I completed the first level but
couldn't complete the second or third. Guess I'll just have to keep

Another thing that I enjoy about this game is the humor aspect of it.
You can put on a chicken suit and complete the game wearing it. As
you can guess, it's very hard to take a mercenary seriously while
seeing him wear a chicken suit :P

I also like the fact that you could gamble with your partners, because
I always won and got rich right from the beginning thanks to them.
Lots of spending money at the start really helps making the game fun
to play.

All in all, this was a great game, but it had a multiplayer aspect that I
wasn't able to appreciate seeing as I had no one to play with. Maybe
sometime I'll get around to testing it. Also has a nice gta feel to it,
except that people don't even care if you take their cars! (I think they
respect the mercenary too much)


  1. yeah very nice game :) but I think merc 1 is better :p

  2. lol @ man in chicken suit. Will check it out. Following

  3. i dont know if i enjoyed the video or the chicken suit more!

  4. Seems awsome... I liked the link you put on my blog, it was funny watch some guy bullshit himself and others about electricity and actually get it published in a book.. Some retards are out there.. Religion makes them blind. -.-

  5. I was speculative at first, but I'll have to check it out based on your review.

  6. awesome game! i need to play it again

  7. I really enjoyed the first mercenaries game. It's been a while, but from what i remember the 2nd one just didnt grab me the same way. It's a quality game but i dont know how well it has aged.

  8. Mercenaries is a sandbox game right? Like GTA?

  9. @Chad
    Yes it is, you have to unlock areas progressively though (like GTA IV)

  10. Excelente Game, I'm actually playing GTA at the moment. I prefer San Andreas honestly

  11. I only rented Mercenaries 2, but it was still epic, especially the explosions *drools*

  12. Such a fantastic game, so much fun. its really a shame the company went out business

  13. Chickensuit mercenary. Sounds awesome to me!

  14. When does it stop doing that weird graphical bug?

  15. @Marc
    It only does it in certain areas. It stops when I leave that area.

  16. What an odd game. You can wear a chicken suit through out the entire game. Still get mercenary street credit. Jack peoples cars without them caring regardless if you look scary or are wearing a chicken suit.

  17. Looks hella fun. Like GTA almost/ Followed!

  18. this game remind me of gta. i'm interested but i'm sure it would get boring quickly

  19. a game with gambeling? im so in! lol the game sounds awesome ima about to check out sime vids on it!

  20. From the video this game looks very interesting I'll have to check it out

  21. loving the chicken suit... I want to play it

  22. ermmm what the f+++ is that chicken suit??

  23. mercenaries 1 was a fuuuuun game and this looks like it continues that!