Friday, March 11, 2011

Resident Evil 5 Thoughts

My friend told me about this game, and how it had a great coop aspect to it, so we decided to give it a whirl using skype to communicate throughout the whole experience.

First off, the boss with the big fire furnace. I had accidentally died in the furnace after almost killing the boss, but we brushed it off with a few laughs and continued on playing. We eventually got passed that, and were killing people from the turrets on the truck on the way to the town. I didn't like the fact that we had different turrets, for the obvious reason being that one of them was a minigun and the other was just a simple automatic rifle, but we played through the game twice to try different difficulties, and switched characters for the second playthrough, so I got to experience both anyway. We were always devising plans and strategies to get by most of the hard parts.

But then came the big troll boss. The one boss where you only had quicktime events. We could not figure out how to stop that one move he did, where he threw a boulder at us, except by blowing up the barrel when the boulder got near it. (but that only worked once, so we couldn't do it for the other times he threw it) we had to keep trying until we got lucky enough that he would only throw that boulder once or twice and we could get by taking the damage and still surviving.

There was also the problem of the before last boss. After dying many times, we finally devised a plan that worked for us. I would kill all the little black spurts of goo that would shoot at us, while my friend would continue killing it with the hammer of dawn (I don't know the actual name of the weapon).

We had to look at guides to help us with Wesker though, because it seemed as though the fight would never end and we always ended up dying for some silly reason (as in falling off the edge)
Turns out all we had to do was wait for him to go into ultimate defense mode (which looked like a tornado of goo spinning around him) and right after if you rush to him you can activate a quicktime event where Chris (or Sheva) would grab him and Sheva (or Chris) would stab him in his heart thing, killing him instantly.

So all in all, the game was quite fun, a great coop experience that I would appreciate seeing in future games (not so many games today are focused on coop anymore). The game also had a nice learning curve to it in the sense of quicktime events. (My friend was used to them, but I was completely new to them and had to practice using them for a bit before actually being able to complete specific quicktime tasks)


  1. my fav zombie game will always be cod nazi zombies :D

  2. I was stuck on Wesker too if it makes you feel any better. Good game indeed

  3. sounds like a good game, i might get this one :)

  4. I played this game and i didn't enjoy it. Although i still thought it was well done.

  5. The last resident evil I played was number 2!

  6. its no RE4 but still a good game

  7. It was acceptable, but after Resident Evil 4, the bar was kind of high.

  8. resi 5 is an amazing game!! i remember l^playing it with a bunch of friends on coop.

    def the best coop resident evil